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Let's all contribute to improve the world of tomorrow.
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What is Education4Life

Education4Life was born from the alliance of education and personal growth professionals, teachers, and parents.  Our aim is to share the natural development of children from our unique perspectives so that families can use this information to make informed life-style choices.

Education4Life is an online platform where works and ideas of people from around the globe meet.

For us, education is not a primary goal in the pursuit of a specific outcome but a way of living.

The courses we offer may change your vision about education, your interactions with your children and the people around you, and ultimately your approach to life.

This collection of progressive ideas from all over the world can help you grow in alignment with your values and become the parent and role model you wish to be.

We believe that becoming the best version of yourself will lead you and your children to develop healthier relationships and happier lives. Isn’t that what we all wish for?  A healthy life rich with meaningful connections and personal integrity?

Education4Life provides a continuously growing selection of learning tools to foster your personal transformation and bring you success on your terms.

Love yourself, love your children

We want to contribute to a better future, where children have the tools to become aware and conscious adults with  self-esteem & strong values.


Learn, read, study, challenge yourself and improve.

We must all give our best to help the children of today become the best they can be in their future.

We are here to help you help them.


Our goal is to support educators in all ways possible. We have been traveling the world and meeting exceptional people, who are truly passionate about contributing to the world.

Become part of our community.

Together we can make a difference.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead-

Let's support each other.

Features of Our Product

Self paced to accommodate your busy schedule and your needs.

We understand and appreciate your effort.

You will feel supported in all possible ways.

Because our goal is your improvement and the well being of your children.

Accessible for life!

Repeat your course whenever you want in the future, and improve yourself further.

"Because of my own upbringing, I always struggled communicating with my son. With Connected Communication, I learned how to understand him, and our relationship is now getting every day better."

Katia Bock
Mother of 3 kids

"I knew I could be a better mom with my kids, but didn't know how to improve myself. The Awakened Teacher course has helped me getting aware and correcting myself in many ways."

Christine Miller
Busy mom

"Taking our young children for a trip around the world was the best gift we could ever give them. Road schooling them for 10 months and letting them experience 21 countries in a year provided them so much more then what any one school could have done. We trust that they will take with them the subtle lessons they learned through the rest of their lives."

Ranan Lachman

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