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Hermann Jónsson - weekly post

interviews Jun 14, 2019
Today's episode with Hermann Jónsson is about:
The use of devices
  • Should smartphones be banned in school
  • Parents role in Digital upbringing
  • Pro and cons of “parental control” apps - how to approach their use with your children
  • Critical use of information
As announced in the video, we would like to give some references about useful apps and platforms that can help us and our children use devices in a more appropriate way.
Remote Mobile Device Parental Control Apps:
And for the useful/educational apps and/or platforms:
Of course this is not an exhaustive list, rather just a very short list of the apps I've been personally using, especially during the trip, to support our children in our home-schooling experience, integrating technology and devices.
Please feef free to comment, suggest other apps and platforms, and ask any question you want.
Have a great day.

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