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posts Jul 10, 2019

It’s 4:36pm and I’m on the flight from Bergamo to Georgia, stopping in Istanbul for a few hours.
I left this morning at 9:35 with Flixbus from Lugano, have arrived in Bergamo around 12:10pm, getting on the flight around 4pm.
These last few days have been pretty busy, since we have just moved into the new flat close to the center of Lugano, my natal city.
I managed to bring everything we had from a couple of friends’ houses into the new flat, and we actually have already everything we need to live good.... Just the thought that, once returned, I’ll have to go to the house in Italy where we lived since February and pick up a full van of things,, makes me feel “sick”...!
What are those things? What importance do they have in our lives, since they’ve practically been stored for 1.5 years, without any need from our side to using them!!!
Argh...!!! But I don’t need to be angry, rather grateful for seeing this! I can now see how things are just calling us, how we do surround ourselves with things, simply cause we imagine they are going to bring us some value or joy, when in fact it is never like that.
I feel like we did realise this at a conceptual level since quiet a few years already, but traveling made us definitely get to a further stage of this consciousness.

The documentary we’ve watched lately, called “Minimalism”, has probably also given us one more bit of awareness on the subject, even though I’m not sure how much these messages can get to the mind of our kids in their age.
I don’t mean to criticise or judge, cause I can see once more how much we have a certain imprinting, or roots, which we can’t affect much... but then again, I ask myself, after reading “La prima ferita” from Willi Maurer, how much this is really a subconscious message, a need, or how much it’s programmed into our heads, affected from our actions as parents, from the imprinting we have given our kids during the growth and even during the primal period, and even more so from karma (as pretty much every spiritual philosophy is teaching us).
We can’t really say, and w’ll probably never be able to state it with certainty, but we will surely be able to see the differences between the growth of each of our kids with the time passing.

Back to the state of things right now. I’m pretty amazed and happy seeing how things have changed throughout this last 1.5 year. From the moment we took off on the 1st of March 2018, heading to Bali for the start of our trip, until now, 18 months later.
We left Switzerland in a state of “distress”, disconnectedness, I would even say sadness, caused by all the misadventures we went through (particularly my personal professional negative experience) and we came back rejuvenated, refreshed, and with a completely different energy.
For sure the arrival of Axel into our lives has contributed hugely to this change, but I think overall the entire experience, the growth we have been forced into (or forced ourselves into) has been a blessing for all of us. I think kids are maybe not realising it completely yet, cause they took it as a kind of “adventure”, even a negative one from certain perspectives... but I’m convinced it has contributed dramatically to their growth, and it will hopefully give them the same benefits we are experiencing right now on our skins as parents.

Life is great once you learn to appreciate every single moment of it, even though my words are very theoretical. In practice this is something I try doing every now and then, realising how much distracted I still am on a daily basis, but the simple fact of realising it is already a blessing.
Blessings are everywhere, every single moment. We do live in abundance and we mostly don’t realise it!!! It’s such a shame... but as many reachers are saying, try living in the present moment “Qui ed Ora”, “Here and Now” (see Eckhart Tolle).

The few hours I spent traveling this morning, and further waiting in the airport for the boarding, have been filling up my mind with thoughts.
People around, most people at least, are in constant search of gratification. There were kids all around, and watching the behaviour of their parents could bring me some hope, hope that things are slowly changing, even though we still have to fight the big battle with the implementation of technology into our lives.
An implementation which has taken us by surprise, if we think about the kind of revolution and invasion this has caused. From no technology at all approx. 100 years ago, to a certain degree of tech less then 50 years ago (TV, radio and very few home appliances) to the kind of full-tech-integrated life we are living now... amazing!!!
No wonder we are pretty stressed about it. Parents who realise this, are often stressed and overwhelmed by different thoughts... from “how to integrate it in a healthy/proper way” to “how to keep it completely out of our lives”...
I think the answer is similar to the one I often come along lately, for pretty much every single topic of life... balance!
Equilibrium, this is the key. But what is it? How to find it? And... is there one single “equilibrium” for everyone?
I believe not! There isn’t a single balance that fits all. Each one of us has to find the balance that fits for his/her lifestyle, for the family, for the community, and so forth.
I guess the key, once more, is to feel. Listen to our gut, our sensations, our needs! Not the needs of the mind, which would often take us to the extreme (distracted and driven as it is from all the surrounding messages we receive) of buying everything can satisfy us in the immediate moment, but rather the needs of our Self! What I mean by that’ Well, I’d like to mention one single sentence that particularly got me from the documentary “Minimalism”, which is “Bring into your life only things that can really give added value”.

It’s a very powerful statement by my opinion, cause if we all would stop and think for a moment before being anything, and I mean really anything, in our lives, we would probably... sorry... certainly stop compulsively buying dozens of things every single months 8and I purposefully stay on the very conservative side here...).
Buy only the things that bring added value to your life! Back to the things I have to pick up in Italy in 10 days from now...?? What the hell do I/we have in all those boxes that could possibly bring added value into my/our lives, since we could so easily go without them (and without the feeling of needing them) for such a long time???

Well, I guess the answer is very simple: all those things are just the result of our consumeristic conditioning. We did not gain any value from having them, if not the subtle satisfaction of our minds when we bought them, given by the feeling of “power”, of “capacity to afford them”. But now we know it, are we therefore automatically immune to any further “call” from this capitalistic energy? Noooo. We can certainly fall into the trap again. In fact, it is a constant “fight” not to fall into it! And it’s a quite hard one, but as everything else in life, the more we practise, the better we become! And this discipline is certainly something worth practising on, for our own lives, and for the life of our community and our planet!

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