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Climate Change

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

These last few days I came across some posts related to the climate change movements around the world.
The thing that really stumbles and confuses me, is reading critics and negative comments from so many people... but I figured out what’s the reason behind it!
Those people who focus on trying to find what’s wrong in others, what’s wrong in the lives of those who can reach thousands or millions of individuals, inspiring them to take action, to go on the streets to protest and demonstrate, those negative-oriented souls are simply weak and afraid.
Afraid of change, cause in the moment I acknowledge the rightness of somebody’s else statement, I must come face to face with my own reality, my own way of acting and behaving!
In the example of Greta Thunberg, I saw a post of one of these persons, showing a picture of her and pointing out a moment where she was on a train eating something out of a plastic container...
Now, it may be seen as a negative thing, from someone who preaches to abandon plastic, but isn’t it completely foolish to criticize her for this?
But the reason is fear, fear of change, he rather concentrate of finding the negative in others and keep on doing what he always did, rather than making a step towards change!
I think we always have two options in front of us in life. On one hand, letting our mind lead us to say anything in order to justify ourselves, carry on resting the same and not changing. On the other hand, we can control our mind and understand where we can change and make an active effort to improve.
I know I personally can improve in many ways, I know I need to change in some things I do or don’t, and I thank even those critic people for making me see this, inspiring me to share these thoughts and committing for a change, with all the efforts required for it!
If you are still reading, you can either be a negative person, already thinking about the kind of comment you could write underneath, or you’re here cause you want to improve, you agree with what I say and want to be part of the improvement the world needs to see in you.
I became vegetarian over 6 years ago, and I barely eat any dairy food, but I realize how much more aware I must become for example in the use of plastic, in the consumption of water and heating system, in the impact I’m having with transportation means, and so on.
I’m committing to myself to make active efforts in these fields to change for better, knowing that my contribution will benefit my own future and the life of my children.
What are you willing to improve?
What kind of effort are you willing to face in order to contribute to the world?
Please share you thoughts.
Thank you, have a great day.

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