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Like salmons swimming upstreams

posts May 03, 2019

I had a long walk in the woods yesterday and spent almost 6 hours in solitude, in nature, thinking and watching my thoughts... one among many was concerning the actual situation of this planet and how people behave on it...
It came this image in my mind, of a society of animals that struggles to do what's meant to do, and of us, society of "homo sapiens" , often trying to avoid doing what we are supposed to do, cause we are entangled into external rules, created in a state-of-the-art way, that's so easily confusing us and directing us towards wrongly.
The metaphor that came in my mind was that of salmons.
Salmons are struggling to swim against the current and to embrace the struggle that comes with it, cause that's their nature, that's what they are supposed to do, in order to continue the specie.
They face a great amount of effort and great dangers.
Some of them, dedicated to the common cause, are jumping in the jaws of hungry bears. Some others are dying during that journey, and they certainly don't have any regrets about it. Without sacrifices there wouldn't be any continuation of the specie, that's why they simply do what's needed.
Us, humans, considering ourselves so much better, higher and cleverer than any other specie on the planet, completely lost connection with what we are meant to do!
We are so busy with our small lives, struggling to survive because of an economy built to push us in the corner and control us, that we stop fighting the current, and we start fighting against each other instead...
We are not taking case of the environment, nor of the other species, but above all, we are not anymore taking care of ourselves and our companions.
We are so focused on our differences, our different jobs, social positions, salaries, material belongings, etc... that we don't even realize anymore we are all belonging to the same specie, and we fight each other, instead of supporting each other!
Racism is the ultimate prove of it, but so many other forms of "ignorance" (which I would rather call "unawareness") are leading our thoughts and our actions.
A few big salmon acting like sharks can be eaten up by a group of united salmons, but those sharks became now whales, and we are still feeding them and making them grow bigger and bigger...
We must face reality, reconsider our duties and reconnect with our values.
For us adults, this is a great effort, but we can at least teach it to our children and trust they will become cleverer and smarter than we are...

Have a great day, Patrik.

Btw... the few pictures were taken during my walk in the woods... in Switzerland. Ignorant people are obviously everywhere!


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