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Our contribution to climate change

posts May 08, 2019

It took us almost a century to get to benefit from all the discoveries human race has achieved, like hot water from the tap, electricity at your finger tip, information in your pocket and so much more. It’s now time to realize that the overuse we are doing of all these achievements is the very cause that could easily take all this away from our own children!
We must stop to talk about awareness and stay still.
Awareness is the very first step, I agree, but being aware of a person drawing a few meters from you, will not save her unless you take action.
That person could be in the center of a pond struggling to stay afloat with thousand persons around her on the bank, and it doesn’t really matter if all those people are turned away (unaware of what’s happening) or watching straight to the near-drowning one (aware) cause unless somebody will take action and jump into the pond, that person is still going to drown!
My point is simply to underling the urgency of the situation. Talking about climate change and our own home falling apart because of our abuses, I consider Greta Thunberg doing a great job, and I don’t care who’s behind or above her, who’s “controlling” her (like many are uselessly saying)... the fact is that she’s contributing in bringing awareness to hundreds of thousands, millions of people, and this is amazing, but I urge you (and myself constantly) to analyze your behavior, your habits and your interaction with this planet on a daily basis. Unless we all do this and consider the actions we can take to positively impact the climate, nothing will change!
Politics are powerful and definitely a strong way to steer the masses. Laws and regulations can make a real change, but politics usually move very slowly and with a subtle diplomacy that must take all parties into consideration, including lobbies and huge corporations... but we, the citizens of this planet, can move much faster. We can take action in a second, and decide to make real changes into our everyday life from day one, from today if we realize the importance and the impact that we can have. We are not a few hundreds, nor a few thousands. We are billions!!! I don’t expect this post to be read from billions, but if we understand the point I’m making here (which is exactly the same sustained from so many others out there) we can make a change... yes, we can!!!
Abolish plastic bags from your life, watch yourself while shopping and try avoiding plastic containers as much as you can, use water conservatively, use vehicles in the best way possible, car share whenever you can, reduce meat consumption, use products that are not transported from thousands of km away, fly less,... and the list goes on and on...
You can think about another hundred small things that can impact the change and will positively affect your life and the lives of others around you!
Talk with you kids, your neighborhood and you friends about this... your life will improve, and so your health and the one of our planet.
Together we can make a change, and affect a global change towards a brighter future for our next generations.
We could benefit from having a healthy planet and we ignorantly exploited it, now it’s time to pay back and try correcting our mistakes.
It is still not too late, but soon it will be!!!
If you want to comment, advice about other ways we can reduce our impact on the planet, positively affect nature, or have any other idea, share it with us, please do so.
Be aware and take action.
Have a great day.


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