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posts May 10, 2019

Giving credit to yourself...
Wow, this is a tough one for me. Yes! Why is that? Well, because I don't have a "piece of paper" certifying my knowledge and skills, because today it still looks like having a bachelor degree, that "piece of paper" showing you've achieved something (even though you might have NO experience at all), is "so important"!!!
We all know deep inside that it isn't in fact that important, right? When we speak with friends and we face this subject, most of us would agree that experience, awareness, ideas and ultimately the real and tangible capacity of doing things, thinking in a critical way and the ability of resolving problems are valuable skills and nothing can compare with it.
But I grew up in an age, like most of us, where that piece of paper was very much valued, and in many cases (like mine) not having it makes you feel... "inferior"?! Yes, that's it. Actually it is not "just" what you feel personally, internally, but society wants you to feel this way.
Nowadays watching the employment ads brings a lot of frustration to people like me. Most jobs require candidates with a diploma, a bachelor or some higher certificates. Even if, in most cases, candidates with those requisites aren't able to provide any experience, are valued more than experienced people without degrees... this post is not meant to discredit any certificate of higher studies, but it is rather a statement about what most people prefer to deny and be silent about!
I see two main problems, the first concerning the continuous increase of the pre-requisites requested for certain job positions (even in cases where those pre-requisites are absolutely overestimated or practically useless), causing more and more young people getting frustrated and unemployed, with the consequence of completely crashing their self-esteem!
The second problem is the race-for-grades that schools are pushing kids into. Here in Switzerland the educational system became a sort of judgement place, where young children are called at the age between 11 and 14, to become super-stressed on their grades (not their achievements) particularly in two subjects: Math and German. As if those two subjects were the ultimate and most important subjects for anything the student would decide to make in life...
We must change this system, because it is not possible that politicians in charge of the educational system in our country, are so completely blind and incapable to see that something is wrong!
What does it take to understand that an art school should not require its students to have A-levels and a minimum of 4.3 (out of 6) as the average grade in both those subjects, in order to admit students?
Why do we keep judging all of our children with the same measuring tool, when all of them are different, with different talents and different inclinations?
And why should we preclude the entrance to a school, based on the fact that they're not able to strive in subjects that will not necessarily be needed in their working carrier?
The questions around the subject of education are many, but the point is that... not many will consider this post of mine. And you know why? Because I don't have a bachelor, nor a diploma as pedagogue.
I'm the result of this system, as you are, and this is why I know that people will not consider really much what I wrote here! I know this cause I know this system. We did get in touch with teachers and principals of some schools here... We met a great consent when we first talked about what we believe is our mission... but all the excitement and willingness to contribute disappeared, as soon as we asked those people to "show their faces", to "speak to our camera and repeat what they had said to us", to reveal what are the things that don't work, from the inside!
We met a wall, silence and fear. The fear to go against a system that is ready to punish you and cut you out, as soon as you make something which doesn't comply with its standards.
I personally tried to reach out to some departments and associations, trying to understand if there would be an interest in supporting a project which could benefit the system in some way, helping to bring awareness about the situation to the public, but the answer was a loud and clear NO... Not interested, thank you!
So what's the aim of this post? Is it to complaint and moan about something I find wrong? No, not at all.
This is an appeal, a simple call to each and everyone, who is finding some truth in what I've said, at least in parts of it.
I might have been confusing and not 100% clear, but I know we absolutely need to change a lot into our schooling system, we need to review a lot of things in our schools and probably to bring some reforms into the educational approach from the base up.
How we do this? Only by uniting our forces, by supporting each other, by awakening and bringing these changes to the table of those who don't have the courage to change.
Our world has changed drastically in the last 20-30 years. Our own education and upbringing can't be applied to our children's education!
We don't have a system we can compare to, a history onto which we can base the education of the schools today.
Everything has changed! We must change and our schooling system must change!
But we obviously can't expect this change to come from people who are afraid to show their face, or others who have their jobs dearer then the children they should care about (even when their own sons and daughters are among them).
I don't have the presumption to "change the world", but I want at least to say what I feel, cause I'm Swiss and therefore free (we used to say), but in truth I feel like this system has succeeded to silently imprison us and our children!
I dream of a different school...

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