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Point of No Return

posts Apr 21, 2019

Point of No Return...

Today, in this day during which tens of thousands of students all over the world have been striking from school to address the global attention on the urgency of an alarming situation that most of us still deny (ignorance is not anymore an acceptable excuse in the age where information is one click away!!!) I'm dazzled with small everyday events I see more and more around me, everywhere I go, and I think it is a crisis as serious as the one that Greta Thunberg is addressing.

I'm talking about our unawareness caused by our non return omnipresent devices!

We MUST awake and realize how unaware we have become! I see scenes around me, everywhere I go, of parents neglecting the needs of their children, ignoring their calls, their need for attention, their need to be heard, understood and guided.

A father is entering the restaurant, holding by the hand his 3 or 4 years old son, neglecting his need for an answer, because too concentrated to the phone call he's having through a wireless headphone stuck in his ears... the mother, a few meters behind, is sitting on a chair holding a stroller. The child inside is staring the hair of his mother, who's head-down, lost into her mobile phone's screen, compulsively scrolling some important timeline of some social network...

What have we become? What are we doing to ourselves? Are we really so lost to don't understand the damage we are doing to ourselves and, more so, to our children?

What kind of example are we setting to our kids?

How can we become their guide, when we are completely swallowed into virtual digital worlds, contained into some squared-inches' devices?

I think we need to wake up, support each other, find a global cure, guidelines, help... we need a community of people ready to sustain each other and brave enough to speak the truth and willing to take action.

We can't accept to let the world going onto this road anymore.

Devices are great, they can be extremely useful and helpful, but they can also be destructive, harming and unhealthy!

We need to set boundaries, NOT only to our children, but TO OURSELVES FIRST!

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