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Screen time for children

posts Apr 16, 2019

Good morning,
This morning, on top of sharing my happy 5-month-birthday to Axel, I'd like to share a simple thing I could observe in these past weeks.
I guess we parents all know how attractive and powerful are these objects we continuously use nowadays, on our desk, on our lap, in the car, walking... yeah, I'm talking about screens, as I'm doing right now, sitting in front of the screen of my laptop writing this post.
But my hope is that if you're reading this post, is because you probably more aware about it than many others.
If you take the time to read something about this subject, and invest a couple of minutes to do it, you are probably not so depending on it as many others.
But back to my observation, which is regarding the power of the screens.
We all know how pleasant can be to watch a movie every now and then. If you are from my generation, 70's or earlier, you can appreciate a good movie sitting on your couch, or even better in a comfortable cinema. But today screens have taken such a huge part of our lives!!!
And my focus for this post goes to the attraction and the power that those screens have on us, even on the smallest!!!
I'm amazed from the power they play on Axel. He's just 5 months old, but whenever there's a screen on in our house, being it an open laptop or a mobile phone, he's immediately captured! He wants it, he wants to watch it, and if I turn away with him in my arms, he would just turn the opposite side and try to put his sight on the screen again...
It's shocking to see the kind of power they can have, even on our smallest children!!!
I'm no doctor and no scientist, but I can see the harm that devices can have on people, if used without awareness and self control...
I offer you to read about it in the following interesting article, and even though we personally opted for a much stricter model, we know how our children are absorbed from screens as soon as they are allowed to use them!

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