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The Invisible Woman

posts Apr 18, 2019

I thought I would share this beautiful speech from Nicole Johnson.

Even though is the 10th of March, and not the 8th anymore, I dedicate this to all the women, but allow me also to the men, whose consistent work, day after day, is contributing to the men and women of tomorrow, their children of today.

Those women and men, those mothers and fathers who are making their best effort to be the best version of themselves, even when they feel crab, when they are disappointed about their lives, or the outcome of their actions. To those parents who put all in, in order to help their children build a strong character, cause it takes guts , and courage, and resilience and so much more, to just be there, especially today, in a society that pushes us more and more apart, with barely any support around us, cause it's not "cool" anymore. We need to show how strong we are, how able we are to get through everything, without asking for help.

This is maybe a bit more of a male perspective, but I can see it increasing all over the world, independently from gender, race, country, belief... the world is showing us a facade of strong people who can do everything by themselves, when in reality we need each other and can accomplish so much more with reciprocal support.

So, just to conclude, I wish everyone (and definitely to myself too) to be able putting a bit our self-centeredness (ego) on the side, and embrace the sacrifices that life requires from us, without expectations, without the need to get credit from it.

Wish you a fantastic day.


The Invisible Woman by Nicole Johnson

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